Live Better

Dedicated to

Providing the

Best In-Home

Health Care.

Providing You with Health Care at Home.


Live Better encourages independence. A program that has a positive affect on the lives of those have joined. A program that provides comfort and safety, support, and self-esteem. A program where you can find dedicated people who understand the challenges of the outside world and the importance of real-life skills.  A program where warmth and laughter are always present.


Our Mission:


"Working for individuals with disabilities and their families to encourage choice, promote independence and improve quality of life".



Live Better provides these services to the patient at home:



  • ILS Training / ILS

  • Respite Care In / Out Home

  • Homemaking / Employment Services

  • Supported Living Services For Adults

  • Behavioral Services

  • ICLS 

Better Care Starts With You!

“Thank you for the care you have shown me. I truly appreciate the time of the many professionals that came to my home. I’m glad that Live Better is available for others in need.” -Mohamed M.




"My ILS worker is the key benefit for me, both physically and emotionally. It’s the individualized care she provides me that makes my life a little easier." 

- Jesse




Live Better Locations:

2121 Nicollet Ave S #206  Minneapolis MN 55404 

2277 HWY 36 W #306 Roseville MN 55113